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College Prep Begins Early

Ruth Lohmeyer, a counselor at Lincoln Northeast High School in Nebraska, indicates that to put teens on a track for success, college prep needs to start early. Lohmeyer mentions that college prep begins in 8th grade for their program.

The article points out that students should strive to take more difficult classes early on. Waiting until the junior or senior year will be too late.

Lohmeyer provides recommendations how students should use each year of high school for college prep.

Reference: Use All Four Years of High School to Prep for College

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Harvard Medical School-HMX Online Courses

For those of you interested in a career in healthcare, HMX courses will help you

  • get a solid grounding in topics important to your future
  • feel confident for next steps even if you didn’t major in biology, chemistry, or pre-med
  • maximize your learning in your current related courses
  • understand principles and concepts instead of memorizing facts
  • focus your studying by finding out which topics expert medical educators consider most central and relevant
  • learn how the foundational knowledge you acquire applies to taking care of patients

HMX features highly visual and interactive courses in physiology, biochemistry, genetics, and immunology.

Although a free trial is offered, the enrollment fee for each HMX course is US$800. If you sign up for a multi-course bundle, you receive a significant discount: US$1000 total for a two-course bundle (US$500 per course) or US$1800 total for a four-course bundle (US$450 per course). These are introductory prices and are potentially subject to change in the future. There is also a US$35 non-refundable application fee.

Find out more about Harvard Medical School’s HMX course offering.

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Don’t Lose Sight of the Big Picture

Setting smaller goals is a common strategy often employed when pursuing larger endeavors, but is this strategy always helpful?

Assistant professor of marketing, Szu-chi Huang, at Stanford Graduate School of Business, finds that while people benefit from concentrating on small “sub-goals” in the early stages of a pursuit, they should focus instead on the larger objective in the late stages.

The research serves as an excellent reminder to continually evaluate what motivates a child during the homeschooling process. Initially, you may find that small rewards for completing assignments are highly motivating. However, a child may begin to lose interest if there is not clear communication how a lesson ties into to a big picture item.

Goal setting is a dynamic process and your child’s learning should be approached as such. Be sensitive to your child’s “big picture goals” and strive to communicate how things tie into their ambitious endeavors.

Reference: Focus on Small Steps First, Then Shift to the Larger Goal

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U.S. News National University Rankings

U.S. News & World Report is a great starting place for those just beginning to explore their choices of universities across the U.S. Their search tool allows you to filter universities based on location, tuition and fees, enrollment number, acceptance rate, and offered majors. The ranking system will help you find the best university for your budget.

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