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Harvard Medical School-HMX Online Courses

For those of you interested in a career in healthcare, HMX courses will help you

  • get a solid grounding in topics important to your future
  • feel confident for next steps even if you didn’t major in biology, chemistry, or pre-med
  • maximize your learning in your current related courses
  • understand principles and concepts instead of memorizing facts
  • focus your studying by finding out which topics expert medical educators consider most central and relevant
  • learn how the foundational knowledge you acquire applies to taking care of patients

HMX features highly visual and interactive courses in physiology, biochemistry, genetics, and immunology.

Although a free trial is offered, the enrollment fee for each HMX course is US$800. If you sign up for a multi-course bundle, you receive a significant discount: US$1000 total for a two-course bundle (US$500 per course) or US$1800 total for a four-course bundle (US$450 per course). These are introductory prices and are potentially subject to change in the future. There is also a US$35 non-refundable application fee.

Find out more about Harvard Medical School’s HMX course offering.


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