6 tips to make the most out of your summer break


Congratulations on making it to summer break! If you are anything like me, you are so thankful to be done with the school year… seriously, SO THANKFUL! I could not wait to finish the last lesson, stack the schoolbooks on the shelf, and just be done! We are officially enjoying our first homeschool-free day today. I am looking forward to a fun filled summer break with my family! Here are 6 tips to help you make the most of these short summer months that seem to fly by too quickly!

Get your calendar out

Make sure to write down any lessons, camps or sports your children may be involved in, family reunions, vacations, etc. Don’t forget to mark things such as free classes, concerts in the park, free pool days, outside movie nights, and community fairs or festivals on your calendar so you don’t miss out. Many churches also offer Vacation Bible School programs that are a lot of fun.

Make some fun plans

Sit down together as a family and make a list of what each person wants to do or see in the summer. Prioritize the list according to what your family has the time, money, and greatest desire to do or see. Keep in mind that you don’t need an activity for each day, and activities don’t need to be costly or complex.

Make a list of things that need to be done

These are all the things that you didn’t have time to do during the school year. Did you put off spring cleaning? Could your school room be organized a bit more efficiently? Do you need to go through your children’s closets or help them organize their rooms? Make a list of things like these and pick a day to tackle each one.

Set a simple daily routine

Ask yourself what your basic daily expectations are – both of yourself and of your children. Make a chart or checklist of 5 or 6 things that you would like each of your children to do each morning. For younger children, this can be very basic such as:

Wake up
Get dressed
Put pajamas in the hamper
Eat breakfast
Brush your teeth

For older children, the checklist may be longer or more complex. Try to keep wake up, meal, and bedtimes around the same each day. This helps children know what to expect. Also, well fed and well rested children behave a lot better than hungry tired children!

Guard against summer learning loss

Check out this post for some free activities from Think Stretch to help combat summer learning loss. Also, don’t forget to make use of the school workbooks, activities, and resources that you didn’t get to throughout the school year. Summer is a great time for relaxed, child-led learning. Visit the library and check out some books on the things that interest your children. Re-visit your Pinterest boards and actually try one or two of those amazing projects that you didn’t have the time or energy to do during the school year.

Don’t forget to relax and have fun

Not every moment of summer needs to be planned! Allow time for some free play or relaxing afternoons at the park or pool. Children truly do need a break from the more rigid schedule of the school year.

I would love to hear from you! What are your plans for the summer, and how do you make the most of your summer break?


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