rock climber gripping edge of cliff against sunset

Don’t Lose Sight of the Big Picture

Setting smaller goals is a common strategy often employed when pursuing larger endeavors, but is this strategy always helpful?

Assistant professor of marketing, Szu-chi Huang, at Stanford Graduate School of Business, finds that while people benefit from concentrating on small “sub-goals” in the early stages of a pursuit, they should focus instead on the larger objective in the late stages.

The research serves as an excellent reminder to continually evaluate what motivates a child during the homeschooling process. Initially, you may find that small rewards for completing assignments are highly motivating. However, a child may begin to lose interest if there is not clear communication how a lesson ties into to a big picture item.

Goal setting is a dynamic process and your child’s learning should be approached as such. Be sensitive to your child’s “big picture goals” and strive to communicate how things tie into their ambitious endeavors.

Reference: Focus on Small Steps First, Then Shift to the Larger Goal


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